Adopt Gemini on Petfinder (2024)

Gemini is a sweet, spunky 3.5 month old wirehair terrier mix that weighs 6 lbs. She is expected to be around 20-25 lbs once she is full grown. This silly girl is as social and playful as they come. She loves everyone she meets and does not have a shy bone in her body. She immediately showers her new human friends with cuddles and sweet puppy kisses before she scampers off to play with her toys. When it comes to new dog friends, she is just as happy to meet them, too. She initiates play with every new dog she meets and tries to win them over by engaging in a game of chase. She is fairly independent and easily entertains herself with her toys. Her favorite thing to do is drag all of her favorite toys in the middle of the living room and do zoomies as she tosses them around. She is very inquisitive and loves to investigate her surroundings, and always shows how brave she is when she comes across something new. She is a perfect mix of active and laid back so she would be the perfect pup for an active family that enjoys outdoor adventures and exploring nature, and then curling up on the couch for cuddles and naps after.

Gemini is low to medium energy, so she is fairly active and has spurts of puppy energy that will need to be burned a few times a day. She loves playing fetch in the backyard, doing zoomies around the house chasing her toys, and playing with her doggy friends in her foster home. When the other dogs are done playing with her, she will find some toys or a chewy to keep herself entertained. Eventually she will love going on leisurely walks around the neighborhood or on nature trails once she masters leash training. Although she is very playful and athletic, once she has burned some of that puppy energy, she is happy to find cozy spot on the couch next to her human for some cuddles and nap time. If you work from home, she is very easily entertained with her toys and chews, too. She will happily hang out with you while you work and keep herself busy, but she does require a few short breaks to potty and run around. Get this silly girl a monthly Bark Box subscription and she will be the happiest pup in the world.

Gemini is cat, kid, and dog friendly. She is currently in a foster home with both large and small dogs ranging in age from 9 months old to 12 years old, so she knows how to change up her play style depending on who she is interacting with. With the younger dogs, she loves to run around and play tug-o-war with. With the older dogs, she tends to be calmer when she is playing with them, and she never passes up a chance to give sweet puppy kisses to the senior pittie. She was in a home previously with older kids and loved playing with them. She is still a baby and is teething, so if she is in a home with younger kids, then she may chase their feet to play with their shoelaces because those stringy things are so fun. She is easily redirected with a toy or a chew though, and will scurry off to play with something else when she is told "no". She may be too much for an older cat who has not been around dogs before, but she would do well with a younger, playful cat who is familiar with being around dogs and that will tolerate her silly puppy energy. She is gentle when interacting with other animals during playtime and is just a silly, playful puppy, but she can be a bit vocal with grunts, barks, and play growls when she gets really excited.

Gemini is potty trained and kennel trained. She will potty outside as long as she is taken out frequently, and will communicate when she needs to go by crying at the back door. If her foster mom is in another room and doesn't notice her by the back door, she will use a potty pad. For the most part though, she has done great with only going outside when her mom takes her out on a set schedule every few hours. She also will sleep throughout the night with no accidents in her kennel. She will happily settle down for bedtime in her kennel as long as she has a toy and a long lasting chew in there with her. She also likes to sleep in the same room as her foster mom, and eventually would love to sleep in bed with her forever human once she fully masters her potty training. She is still working on mastering leash training, but she gets really excited to sniff around and explore everything that it will be a work in progress when she goes to her forever home.

Gemini's ideal home environment would be a house with a fenced in backyard, but she would do well in an apartment, townhome, or condo with a private backyard area. Due to her small size, fearless personality, and tendency to be vocal during playtime, no public dog parks for this girl as she tends to run underneath larger dogs and may get stepped on. Hiking and nature trails are recommended for outdoor exercise so that she can fulfill her love for exploring and investigating the world around her. She would love to have another playful doggy companion in her forever home, and would do best with a dog that can handle her spunky puppy energy. She would be just fine being a solo dog as long as her human works primarily from home and she gets plenty of exercise and cuddles throughout the day, too.

If you are interested in adopting Gemini, please fill out an application at:

Gemini is in a foster home in Central Texas and will be transported once adopted. Due to her small size and young age, she will not be spayed before adoption and there will be a $200 REFUNDABLE spay deposit on top of her adoption and transport fees. Once she is old enough and weighs enough to be spayed safely, the deposit will be paid directly to the adopter's preferred vet prior to the appointment.

TRANSPORT: Currently we have monthly transports. It will be up to the adoptive family to meet the transport to pick up your new family member. Please be advised that our dogs are adopted to their forever families prior to being transported. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot bring dogs for a typical meet and greet situation, due to the extensiveness of the transport distance and it being unfair for the dogs who are not adopted to have to make the trip back.

Please be advised that applications are reviewed in the order that they are received. To ensure we are honoring the dogs that we have committed to helping, we do have policies and procedures in place that we follow when reviewing adoption applications. LAPP Dog Rescue is ran 100% by volunteers, so please be mindful that when you submit an application that it can take a few days to be reviewed. Submitting an application is not a confirmation that the adoption will be approved/completed. Before submitting the application, please read the FULL description on PetFinder describing the dog's personality, energy level, housing requirements and our policy on meet and greets.

The total cost to adopt is $830, which includes a $400 adoption fee, a $230 transport fee, and a $200 refundable spay deposit. The adoption fee includes all age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, dewormer, and health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

Adopt Gemini on Petfinder (2024)
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