Adopt Super Cooper on Petfinder (2024)

There are few things that make dog lovers happier than meeting a dog who is playful, loves the water and a good stick, plus is respectful of cats! Cooper here is one of those and not to sound cheesybut wait! Theres more! Take a look at him in action then come back to read more!

This cute boy is not quite an adult but not quite a puppy, I would call him a teenager if that term didnt make most people roll their eyes. He is a middle-ager with a widows peak. Weighing in at 39 lbs he is a lot of fun in a small package, really the perfect get-up and go guy! Estimated to be 8 months old he is eager to learn and has a great base of commands and skills. He has been fortunate to be waiting for his adoption day in a foster home so he has had a jump-start on the skills it takes to be a good house dog. All reports from his foster family have been overwhelmingly positive. They shared that he has been just an all around great house guest! House trained, loves a car-ride, knows his toys are for chewing and not any of the people things. He currently lives with a shepherd mix and has a nice neighbor dog that joins in back-yard play sessions so he has a great sense of dog manners and how to play nicely.

When we spent time with Cooper away from his foster home we saw the same good-boy we had been told about, a friendly boy with a cute face and great manners. I was impressed with his leash skills, he understands that walking close is key and pulling isnt welcome. During that time we introduced Cooper to a handful of dogs he had never met and he was calm for introductions and perfectly playful when his new friends invited him to play a game of chase. Watching him jump into the pool to cool off was what sealed his hold on my heart. He was so content and self-assured it was a joy to watch!

Cooper is also friendly without being pushy, he wants to say hello but will wait patiently for you to meet his eyes and invite him over. No jumping here! Not one time, even when treats were being offered (which he loves) he did not jump or get overly excited. He is such a well-behaved boy it is easy to forget that he is a middle-ager, freshly out of his puppy days.

Cooper is what we lovingly call a daycare dog because he is easy-going and his playful approach with other dogs means he can go to doggy-daycare for a fun day out and then come home for a big ol nap! He doesnt need that level of play everyday though, he is mellow inside and happy to hang out or play with a toy on his own. An ideal home for Cooper would include occasional adventures, hike or day-trips to the lake or beach, and walks around the neighborhood. A yard is always fun but with chances to play and walk, it isnt a necessity. Coopers size makes him a great candidate for apartment/condo life. A playful friend would be awesome and a pool of any size, even a kiddie pool to splash around in, would be a bonus!

If you have any questions about Cooper or would like us to test him for a specific setting or detail, please be in touch! We can make most anything happen to ensure he is the correct fit for you and your life!

Please email


Available for adoption in NV, MT, CO,UT, ID, OR, WA, Canada, and now the East Coast! Our PNW dogs are brought to you in style by a beautiful USDA licensed semi-truck, equipped with air conditioning for comfort, two drivers, and 2 onboard attendants providing 24 hour care. Our East Coast route will travel in a private, air conditioned 3LP-run van transport.

Pick up day is unforgettable! You will get to follow along on their journey through a private FB Event page, where you will see photos, have the opportunity to connect with other adopters, and receive updates and constant communication along the way. One of our Adoption Coordinators can help to find the closest transport pick up location to you!

The adoption fee is $775 and includes all vetting: DAPP (2 to 4 depending on age and time in the program), Bordetella, Rabies vaccine (if old enough), multiple broad spectrum deworming treatments, spay/neuter, flea prevention, 2 months of heartworm preventative, extended medical such as dentals, eye surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries prior to adoption when suggested by our partner vets, a microchip with free lifetime registration, a high quality nylon Martingale collar for dogs over 4 months old, a health certificate deeming the pup healthy for travel, cost of transport*, and many priceless years of love and loyal companionship!

Why adopt from Three Little Pitties?

The stray and animal overpopulation in the Greater Houston area is the highest in the nation. Statistics show that there are over 1 million homeless animals in this region alone. Three Little Pitties Rescue is a nonprofit dog and cat rescue that partners with the community to make a difference. Our mission is to reduce the homeless pet population through community outreach, free spay and neuter services, and saving all breeds of dogs and cats from the streets or animal shelters that oftentimes have no other option but to euthanize animals for space. This dog youve found online is lucky to be in our program, and even luckier to have you notice it!

Three Little Pitties wants to set you and your new pet up for success! We know our dogs and we work hard to prepare them socially for adoption. We are a network of dedicated people who are heavily invested in seeing our animals thrive. From the moment they are accepted into our program, our Intake, Behavior & Medical teams prepare them for adoption by properly vetting, behaviorally assessing, and providing customized plans depending on the dogs needs. We seek to adopt to families who understand that these are rescue dogs and will require continued training efforts, but will be well on their way to being the best dogs that they can be!

It doesnt stop there! Our adopters also receive these special perks:

30 day trial of pet insurance with Trupanion (must register within 24 hours of first vet appt.)
A free private online dog training session with GoodPup plus low pricing for future sessions (approx $25 weekly for an 8 week course of one session per week)
One free bonus toy in every BarkBox when signing up for their Super Chewer subscription plan
70% off of your first order of Fetch, a PNW based, organic fresh dog food loaf meal subscription plan
Coupons for a fun visit to Petco
Access to our exclusive FB Adopters page, where you can network for play dates, resources, and connect with other adopters that share their passion for their adopted pup!

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this year! Through the combined efforts of all of our hardworking staff and volunteers, we have placed over 12,000 very lucky dogs and cats into amazing homes! By adopting from us, you save TWO lives! The pet you adopt, and you create an opportunity for another animal to be saved in that spot. Together, we can be heroes.

Follow our rescue journey through the links below!

*Due to the rising cost of fuel and transportation expenses, there will be an additional $74 surcharge for transport.

DISCLAIMER- Breed type is determined based on general appearance and behavioral characteristics, and cannot be guaranteed unless DNA test results or AKC registration were provided at intake.

Adopt Super Cooper on Petfinder (2024)
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