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Stuffed Animals at Greenpicks

  • Floppy Animal Bunny by Senger



Eco stuffed animals – faithful companions for the first years of life

They are among the first toys for babies and toddlers. They are soft and cuddly. And they are usually the best friend of young earthlings. Soft and cuddly toys, cuddly and stuffed animals, plush toys – many flattering names for the faithful companions for the first years of life. Eco stuffed animals are reliable companions when traveling or laying in bed; they listen, they are comforters and always ready to cuddle and hug. Parents and children can enjoy all these beautiful moments worry-free, because the cuddly toy assortment at Greenpicks captivates with its organic quality and is awarded by corresponding eco labels.

Stuffed animals, cuddly and plush toys – in organic quality!

For a child, a stuffed animal is not just a toy, but a confidant and cuddly partner. This creates an intimate relationship that will be remembered for a lifetime. Often, parents meet loud protests from their offspring when its favourite soft toy is being washed. The plush toy is that dear to the child’s heart that it does not want to miss it a minute. But for hygienic reasons stuffed animals should be washable or cleaned with a damp cloth. Because of the close proximity to the child, high-quality organic certified materials are to be preferred.

For their soft toys the toy makers use organic cotton and eco virgin wool designed for children: renewable raw materials and natural. The cotton comes from certified organic farming or is grown and processed according to GOTS standard. For materials from animal origin, the organic standard of certified organic husbandry applies which takes into account ecological and animal welfare criteria. For plush toys certified with eco seals, you can expect the materials to be tested for harmful chemicals. Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury are excluded. If the stuffed animals are dyed according to IVN guidelines, solvent-free soybean-based colours and vegetable dyes are used. Very authentic and natural are teddy bear, rabbit, monkey, owl, horse & Co., if they are sewn from coloured grown organic cotton. Especially with children who are prone to allergies, the selection of different organic materials in soft toys can be advantageous.

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Vegan cuddly toys are made of 100% certified organic cotton – inside and out! Cherry stones, spelt and recycled fabric residues serve as alternative fillings. Also, animal-shaped heating pads are filled with grain and are very popular when it comes to relieve babies’ colic or stomach ache. Added value is also provided by the Greenpicks sustainability criteria. One part of the stuffed animal collection is made traditionally by hand in Germany (Made in Germany). Other textile friends come from Europe and overseas and do not only meet the safety standard of toy EN 71 (CE mark), but also fair and ecological standards, e.g. a climate-friendly and resource-efficient production guaranteed without child labor.

Tip: Especially for children under the age of three, make sure that they only play with stuffed animals whose parts, such as arms, legs, eyes, are sewn tightly and faces are embroidered, so that the risk of swallowing by small parts can be ruled out.

Cuddly toys as educationally valuable playmates

Through the eyes of parents and educators, a stuffed animal is not just a toy, but a pedagogically valuable playmate with practical and motor qualities. The soft texture and the often different surfaces and interesting structures stimulate the child’s sense of touch. By feeling, grasping and touching, the coordination of the hands and the senses are trained. Integrated, firmly stitched elements such as rattle, music box or sound ball train the sense of hearing. The favourite cuddly toy quickly provides the child with security, crutch and comfort in unfamiliar situations. Whether with or without a musical clock the stuffed animal is ideal as a sleeping aid. In combination with a teething ring, the stuffed animal becomes an aid for teething troubles, soothing baby's gums. In the first role-playing games (RPG) at the age of about three, teddy bears or the rabbit family are the protagonists of the "father, mother, child" game. In the childish fantasy an owl and giraffe will marry, and shortly after get a polar bear as a baby. Children also distribute human roles to giraffe, crocodile, rhino and hippo and engage them in creative role-playing games.

Stuffed animals with predicate organic, vegan and tested for harmful substances

Whether looking for a gift for birth, for Christmas or for the cuddly toy collection of adults – at Greenpicks you will only find stuffed animals with the ecological predicates such as organic, vegan and pollutant-tested. Discover on our bilingual online marketplace dangling animals, dolls, grasping toys and hand puppets that are produced with respect for ecological and social standards.

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Eco Stuffed Animals - Organic Plush Toys | Greenpicks (2024)
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