Evil Dead Rise Trailer is Here and It’s Gruesome! (2024)

Welcome to June! There’s so much on the hopper for Arrow that I just have to give you, my friends, the hot goss.

Evil Dead Rise Trailer is Here and It’s Gruesome! (1)

June 2nd: Paul Joyce Documentaries

June 2ndkicks off the month withARROW’slatest curation of Paul Joyce documentaries, this time looking at legendary filmmaker John Cassavetes, straight from the mouth of his friend and collaborator co-star Peter Falk (Columbo) inOut of the Shadows: The Films of John Cassavetes.

After a six year directing hiatus, Monte Hellman sat down with Paul Joyce and just talked for an hour while Joyce filmed. The result isPlunging on Alone: Monte Hellman’s Life In a Day.

June 2nd: the wild world of Ero Guro

What is Ero Guro? Well, the Japanese sub-genre of horror and pink films Ero Guro combines the erotic (ero) and the grotesque (guro) to deviant, decadent and unforgettable effect.ARROW’sEro Guro collection features the unholy trinity of core Ero Guro films, Teruo Ishii’sShogun’s Joy of TortureandHorrors of Malformed Menand Yasuzo Masumura’sBlind Beast, plus plenty more exciting, explicit and enticingly depraved delights to delve into.

Titles Include:Shogun’s Joy of Torture, Blind Beast, Irezumi.


June 6th: Warriors Two (US/CA)

After making his directorial debut with the intense The Iron-Fisted Monk and firmly solidifying his worth at Golden Harvest, Sammo Hung would be given more creative control behind the camera. Now able to inject more of his own personality, Hung would bring to life the more upbeat (yet only slightly less violent) Wing Chun cult classic:Warriors Two!

Predating the Ip Man tetralogy by three decades – as well as Hung’s ownThe Prodigal Son(starring Yuen Biao as the younger incarnation of Leung Tsan) by a few years –Warriors Twois one of the earliest films to authentically portray the teachings of Wing Chun while also delivering the kind of kinetic and pulse-pounding fights synonymous with the name Sammo Hung!

June 16th: Eli Roth Selects (UK/IRE/US/CA)

Splatter icon Eli Roth takes a stroll through the archives withEli Roth Selects (UK/IRE/US/CA).“I absolutely love Arrow and have been a collector of their editions for years, and Arrow Player is the most streamed channel in my house. I’ve seen a lot of Select lists, and while I agree with them, I wanted to highlight some that people might have otherwise overlooked.”

Titles Include:Basket Case, Contamination, Madhouse.

June 19th: Toru Murakawa’sGame Trilogy (UK/IRE/US/CA)

Made at the end of the 1970s, Toru Murakawa’sGame Trilogylaunched actor Yûsaku Matsuda as the Toei tough guy for a new generation. Matsuda was the definitive screen icon of 1980s until his career was tragically cut short by cancer at the age of 40, following his Hollywood debut in Ridley Scott’sBlack Rain.


The Most Dangerous Game(UK/IRE/US/CA):In this career-defining triptych, Matsuda is Shohei Narumi, an ice cool hitman of few words, a steely trigger finger, and a heart of stone, hired in The Most Dangerous Game by a company bidding for a lucrative government air defence contract to take out the competition.

The Killing Game(UK/IRE/US/CA):Narumi finds himself caught in the midst of violent yakuza gang warfare, while his own brutal past catches up with him in the form of two beautiful women still bearing the emotional scars of his past assignments.

The Execution Game(UK/IRE/US/CA):Narumi falls for a mysterious saloon bar chanteuse who may or may not be part of the same, shadowy underworld organization as the rival hitmen he is employed to rub out. (I’m assuming the tough-guy way and not the sexy way)

June 23rd: SHAAAARKS!!!

Yessss, Cruel Jaws is coming to Arrow!

ARROWheads to the beach for some terror with shark attacks.


Cruel Jaws(US/CA): A huge shark terrorizes a beach in Florida, and the locals try everything to kill it.

Deep Blood(US/CA): Several young men have to stop an ancient native American evil in the form of a killer shark which is attacking a small beach community.

June 23rd: Sci-fi Stunners (UK/IRE/US/CA)

For the penultimateSeason,ARROWboldly goes to the stars onJune 23, seeking out new life and new cinema.

Sci-fi Stunners (UK/IRE/US/CA):There are other worlds than these. Come and explore them in this collection of cybernetic, planet-probing, time-travelling, cosmos-trotting, aliens-zapping, virtual and far-too-real adventures inSci-fi StunnersARROW’shome world for the coolest Cult science-fiction films in the galaxy.

Titles Include:No Escape, Donnie Darko, Crimes of the Future.


Last but not least

Cosa Nostra Collection (UK/IRE/US/CA):

The most American of directors according to celebrated critic Paolo Mereghetti, Damiano Damiani (A Bullet for the General) nevertheless surveyed his own country’s mafia history unlike anyone before him, to critical and box office success.

Full of twists and a fascinating meta-commentary on cinema, Damiani points the camera at himself and the genre as he investigates the social impact of mafia violence, a fitting end to this survey of Damiani’s Cosa Nostra.

Titles Include:Day of the Owl, The Case is Closed, Forget It, How To Kill a Judge.

About ARROW:

From Arrow Films, a recognized world-leader in curation and creation,ARROWis a premium platform giving audiences an unparalleled viewing experience across multiple devices, so fans can explore the films and TV shows that the Arrow brand is famous for.


Specially curated by members of theARROWteam,ARROWis home to premium film and TV entertainment, exclusive new premieres, cutting edge cinema, international classics and cult favorites – such as the works of Lars Von Trier, Brian De Palma, Dario Argento, David Cronenberg and Park Chan-wook, and brand-new short films from both new and established filmmakers.

In the coming months,ARROWwill be adding Oscar-winning hits, European classics, Asian cinema masterworks, rediscovered Westerns, offbeat gems and much more as part ofARROW’s international strategy to support and celebrate the medium of film.

For more informationonARROWand its titles, please contact:justin@justincookpr.comor visithttps://www.arrow-player.com.






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Evil Dead Rise Trailer is Here and It’s Gruesome! (2024)


Why was Evil Dead banned? ›

While the original was beloved by horror fans and became a huge box office hit, the Sam Raimi-directed flick did spark controversy due to its extreme levels of gore and graphic violence – leading it to be banned in several countries including Ireland.

Which Evil Dead is scariest? ›

Evil Dead 2013 is my personal favorite in terms of terror, so probably that one. It's a soft reboot of the original Evil Dead movie, and manages to maintain a good amount of the aspects from the original whilst showing some new ideas and characters, and being absolutely terrifying.

Is Danny in Evil Dead Rise a girl or boy? ›

Morgan Davies Is A Transgender Actor Who Played Danny In Evil Dead Rise. Morgan Davies is an up-and-coming transgender actor who is now most known for his role as Danny in Evil Dead Rise. The Australian actor came out as trans in 2020, with him being one of the higher-profile transgender men in Hollywood.

What demon is in Evil Dead Rise? ›

The Marauder Is Evil Dead's Most Horrifying (& Chaotic) Demon Yet. Evil Dead Rise's Marauder is now the Sam Raimi franchise's most terrifying demonic creature yet, not just because of the grotesque body horror used to create it, but also because of the difficulty in destroying it.

What is the goriest movie to ever exist? ›

Spoiler Alert: Many of the following descriptions contain explicit details of famous scenes from the movies they describe.
  1. 1 Tokyo Gore Police.
  2. 2 The Fly.
  3. 3 Re-Animator.
  4. 4 The Devil's Rejects.
  5. 5 Cannibal Holocaust.
  6. 6 Braindead (AKA Dead Alive)
  7. 7 Terrifier.
  8. 8 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Jul 14, 2023

What is the most banned horror movie in the world? ›

10 Horror Movies That Were Banned Around the World
  1. 1 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' (1974)
  2. 2 'I Spit on Your Grave' (1978) ...
  3. 3 'Cannibal Holocaust' (1980) ...
  4. 4 'A Serbian Film' (2010) ...
  5. 5 'Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom' (1975) ...
  6. 6 'The Devils' (1971) ...
  7. 7 'Braindead' (1992) ...
  8. 8 'The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)' (2011) ...
Feb 19, 2024

Who is the Mexican guy in Evil Dead? ›

Pablo Simon Bolivar is the friendly but anxious protege of Ash Williams, traveling with him and Kelly Maxwell across America to face off against the Deadites and undo the evil of the Book of the Dead.

How did Danny get infected in Evil Dead Rise? ›

An aspiring DJ, Danny discovered an ancient book and a series of vinyl records hidden beneath the parking garage of Monde Apartments, and accidentally awakened the Kandarian Demon. Danny first appeared in the 2023 film Evil Dead Rise. He was portrayed by Morgan Davies.

What happened to Jessica in Evil Dead Rise? ›

Jessica exits her apartment building and, totally oblivious to the hell that's been unearthed around her, stumbles upon some Deadite carnage near her car. She then gets attacked, becomes possessed, and presumably gets her ass in gear to go on vacation anyway.

Does anyone survive the Evil Dead rise? ›

Beth and Kassie's survival in Evil Dead Rise is a big deal, as it could completely change Evil Dead's future. Having two survivors sets the precedent for more survivors to make it out of future Deadite attacks alive, meaning that these Evil Dead characters could go on to appear in sequels.

What was the point of Evil Dead Rise? ›

Evil Dead Rise is a 2023 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Lee Cronin. It is a standalone entry and the fifth installment in the Evil Dead film series. The film stars Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland as two estranged sisters trying to survive and save their family from deadites.

How many people died in Evil Dead Rise? ›

Where all of the previous movies were set in a cabin in the woods, Evil Dead Rise is set in an apartment building, meaning that there are way more unsuspecting citizens for the Kandarian Demon to possess. As a result, Evil Dead Rise has nine deaths, and those are only the ones that are confirmed.

Why was The Evil Dead controversial? ›

Writer Bruce Kawin described The Evil Dead as one of the most notorious splatter films of its day, along with Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit on Your Grave. In the UK, the film was trimmed by 49 seconds before it was granted an X certificate for cinema release.

Why was Evil Dead 4 cancelled? ›

We knew the ratings were bad. We knew, going into the last season, that we had to have an end because we didn't think Starz was gonna re-up us and we were right. So, thank God we did that." Campbell and Raimi signed on as producers of the film Evil Dead Rise.

Why was Evil Dead Rated NC 17? ›

Director Fede Alvarez confirmed via Twitter in 2013 that his Evil Dead reboot gained an NC-17 rating from the MPAA for strong violence and gore before being recut to gain a contractually-obligated R rating.

Why was Hellraiser banned? ›

It was banned because of its "brutal, graphic violence with blood-letting throughout, horror, degradation and torture".

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