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GHKKPM 26th May 2024 Written Update Bhawar’s truth. Savi inquires with Bhawar Patil about why Yashwant was arrested based solely on a complaint, stating that if she were not a police officer, they would not have acted on her report. In response, Bhawar Patil explains that he believed her and makes a remark about the truthfulness of her claims. Despite their inability to officially punish Yashwant, Bhawar Patil expresses his belief that justice will be served by a higher power. At this point, Yashwant’s car is set on fire and Savi tries to intervene. However, Bhawar Patil insists there is no need for her to do so as God is already exacting punishment upon Yashwant.

Ishaan and Savi notice that Preeti’s water has broken. Ishaan suggests taking her to the hospital, but the orphanage warden explains that this is not feasible due to road conditions and Preeti’s condition. Ishaan then goes to get a doctor while Savi helps Preeti get comfortable on the bed. The orphanage warden observes that the baby’s legs are coming out and an operation is needed. Remembering how Sai had successfully delivered a baby with the mother standing, Savi follows suit and helps Preeti deliver the baby while she stands. Savi successfully delivers Preeti’s baby.

GHKKPM 26th May 2024 Written Update Bhawar's truth - TellyReviews (1)

Savi and Ishaan admire the baby and engage in conversation. The doctor compliments their chemistry and suggests they consider having a child of their own. Reeva intervenes and informs the orphanage warden that Savi and Ishaan are no longer a couple, as they are divorced. She then drags Ishaan away from Savi, questioning why he is there. Ishaan defends himself, claiming it was a mere coincidence. Reeva remarks on it before taking Ishaan away. Meanwhile, Bhawar Patil approaches Savi to chat with her. He reveals that he was also raised in this orphanage as an orphan. Keep reading for GHKKPM 26th May 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 26th May 2024 Written Update Bhawar’s truth:

Reeva asks Ishaan where his focus is. Ishaan tells her that he didn’t know Savi was here. She says that they will leave right away. He asks her to understand that he can’t leave and has to spend time with the kids. She says that she doesn’t want him to spend time with Savi. Bhawar asks him to listen to Reeva and go away because the new will take its place when the old goes. Ishaan asks him to mind his work and scolds him. Bhawar and Ishaan get into an argument. Ishaan asks him what he means to say. He taunts him about entering Savi’s life. Savi gets upset hearing their talks. Ishaan tells Bhawar that he is thinking wrong. Bhawar asks Ishaan why is he getting hurt seeing Savi with someone else.

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Savi asks Ishaan not to create a scene. She asks Ishaan’s problem. Ishaan asks her what is she doing with Bhawar. She says that she was just spreading joy among the kids. Ishaan says that he has a right to get angry. He asks why she takes help from Patil when she refuses to take help from Chinmay. Savi tells him that he should go with Reeva. She reminds him that they will meet in the court tomorrow and their story will end forever. Bhawar learns about Savi’s divorce. The warden wants to know why Bhawar lies to Savi. Bhawar asks her what she wants to know. He tells her that she is like his mom and that’s why he said so. He asks her not to say anything to Savi. He threatens her. She agrees to lie to the people.

He asks her not to forget his words. Bhawar hides his truth from Savi. Later, Reeva asks Ishaan why he gets angry at Bhawar. Ishaan says that he can’t tolerate Bhawar, who misbehaved with Yashwant. He adds that Savi’s behavior has changed, she is bonding with Bhawar, knowing he is a bad person. Reeva asks him if there is any other reason. She apologizes to him. He asks her to believe him. She says that she doesn’t want to lose him because she loves him. He gets reminded of Savi’s love.

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Bhawar is seen behaving weirdly and showing his obsession with Savi. He embraces and kisses her picture. He says that fate is on his side and that Savi is getting divorced. He wants to marry Savi. He gets drunk. He professes his love to Savi. He says that she belongs to him and he will not let anyone come between them. On the other hand, Surekha wishes Ishaan to get rid of Savi. Reeva is also happy that she will get Ishaan back. Surekha feeds curd and sugar to Ishaan. He feels shattered within and thinks of Savi. Savi also prepares for the divorce and thinks of her moments with Ishaan.

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Surekha says that Ishaan is eager to get rid of Savi and misses out on eating the curd. She feeds the curd to Reeva. Savi tells Shukla that she is going to the court. He says that he knows about her divorce hearing. She learns that he had come walking from the main market just to save money. He suddenly faints. Savi worriedly attends to him. Bhawar praises his Dabangg look. He tells her that he will drop Savi to court and assist her in divorcing Ishaan. He wants their chapter to end soon. He finds Savi worrying for Shukla. He goes to see what’s happening. Savi tells him that they have to take Shukla to the hospital. Shukla asks her to go to the court. Bhawar thinks of the strange incident.

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He meets a constable Rane and asks him to follow his orders. He makes Rane take a doctor’s disguise. He asks Savi not to worry about Shukla. Bhawar asks Rane to take Shukla with him. He offers a lift to Savi. Ishaan and Savi meet in the court. The judge asks the reason for the divorce. Savi says that they aren’t made for each other. She states that they have a lack of compatibility, their marriage happened due to some helpless motive but their situation is better now. She doesn’t want to stay in a family that snatches her freedom. Ishaan tells the judge that she is right, they aren’t made for each other.

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He complains about Savi, who never tries to understand the other person’s perception. They begin to argue. The judge asks them if they have no sweet memories of their marriage. They refuse to have any good memories. They ask the judge to grant them divorce. The judge accepts their plea to grant the divorce in one month by putting their case on the fast track.

Ishaan returns home. Reeva says that his divorce papers have been submitted. Savi cries and thinks of his words. Harini pacifies him. Surekha asks Reeva and Ishaan to get ready, the family has planned a trip to the Devi temple and also their engagement in the morning mahurat. Ishaan is surprised to know this.

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Savi and Harini plan to visit the same Devi temple, where their parents had taken them in childhood. Surekha says that everyone is going to reach the temple shortly. Ishaan says that he has to check the papers and can’t accompany them. He promises to join them later. He wants to be alone for some time. Savi tells Harini that she loved Ishaan, but he rejected her love. She doesn’t care about him. She wants to pray for her parents on their death anniversary, and then come back to focus on her studies. She decides to go alone and let Harini rest at home. Ishaan leaves for the temple. His car breaks down midway. He goes to find some help. He thinks of catching a bus to reach the temple. Ishaan and Savi cross paths.

GHKKPM 26th May 2024 Written Update Bhawar's truth - TellyReviews (2024)
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