Rabbits for Sale in OH. Ohio Rabbit Breeders (2024)

Rabbitsfor Sale in OH, Ohio:

Find the rabbits you want to raisein your local Ohio neighborhood.

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Rabbits for Sale in OH (Ohio)

Alliance, OH
Rummel Rabbitry

Breeds: Purebred Californian
More detail: Our rabbits are for 4H, show, breeding stock, pet or commercial use (ARBA rabbitry)
Email:rummelrabbitry @ yahoo. com

Ashville, OH
Becky's Rabbitry

Breeds:New Zealand White, Red, Blue, Black and Broken.
More detail: We raise New Zealands for 4-H market rabbit projects. We breed throughout the county fair season, and occasionally have stock available at other times of the year, Please contact us for availability.
Email: beckhil81603 @ yahoo . com
4/6/2021 (Updated 8/24/2021)

Bainbridge, OH
Misty Valley Rabbitry

Breeds:New Zealand in black, white, blue, and broken.
Email:traisei @ horizonview. net
Website: https://mistyvalleyrabbitry.weebly.com/index.html
8/16/2021 (Updated)

Centerburg, OH
Hildebrand Family Rabbitry
New Zealand Whites, Californian and Mini Rex.
Contact:zabethebabe @ gmail. com
8/31/2021 (Updated)

Chauncey, OH
Stay Gold Rabbitry

Breeds:Britannia Petite
Contact:staygoldrabbitry @ gmail. com

Cincinnati, OH
Lops and Foxes Rabbitry

Breeds:English Lops, Silver Foxes.
More detail: I breed and show pure bred English Lop and Silver Fox rabbits. I have a small rabbitry in my back yard and I am in 4H. Please text me if interested and visit myFacebook pagefor updates!
Email:jonespodgie @ yahoo . com
Phone: (513) 491 - 2498
8/9/2021 (Updated)

Cleveland, OH
Grace N Faith Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarfs
Email:Gracenfaithrabbitry @ gmail. com

Cleveland, OH
Dust Bunny Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(216) 386 - 8397
Breed/Color/Age/Size:Pedigree Lionhead, Holland Lop, LionLops

Crown City, OH
Peppermint Bunnies

Breeds: Lionhead
More detail:Small hobby breeder of pedigree Lionhead rabbits.
Phone: (740) 709 - 0184
Email:Puppylove3448 @ gmail. com
Website:Peppermint Aussies N Bunnies

Dayton, OH
Wool Forest Farm

Breeds:Jersey Wooly
Email:woolforestfarm @ gmail . com
Phone: (937) 831 - 6146
Website:Wool Forest Farm

Dayton, OH
Yankee Hill Rabbitry

Breeds:American Rabbits: Blues and Ruby-Eyed Whites (REW).
More detail: A small operation dedicated to the preservation of the American Blue endangered rabbit, a heritage breed. Our American Blues produce between four and six pedigreed litters a year with the kits for sale to good homes.
Email: yankeehillrabbitry @ gmail. com
8/9/2021 (Updated)

Elyria, OH
Anna's Royal Rabbitry

Breeds:Mini Rex, in lynx, lilac, castor, black, opal, and brokens
Email:abyrge62 @ gmail. com
Phone: (440) 502 - 7697

Groveport, OH
Smith Rabbitry

Breeds:Rex, New Zealand/Californianmix.
Email:ternosmith4 @ gmail. com

Huron, OH
Sterling & Sons Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(440) 879 - 8880
Email: sterlingrabbitry @ gmail. com

New Zealand blue and white.
More Detail:We're a father and sons team (with help from mom too) primarily focused on raising purebred blue New Zealands. Pedigrees available.
10/7/2022(Updated 1/13/2023)

Jewett, OH
Butternut Barn Rabbitry

Breeds:New Zealand and New Zealand/Californian crosses
More details:I raise my rabbits for 4-Hmarket pens etc., and for meat. I also sell breeding stock. My rabbits are raised in roomy outdoor hutches.
Email:Karolynn.wright @ gmail. com
Phone: (740) 945 - 6061

Kent, OH
Will's Rabbitry

Breeds:New Zealand Reds, Brokens.
More detail: Text or call for availability, pricing and other information.
Email:wkulis1 @ gmail . com
Phone/Text: (330) 931 - 7692

Malena's Rusty Den Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarf
Email: malenajoy23 @ gmail. com

Faithful Acres Farm

Breeds:Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand Reds.
More detail:Message me for pricing or pick up info! My rabbits are all handled by children and loved!
Email: Debbieraelpn @ gmail. com

Rabbits for Sale in OH. Ohio Rabbit Breeders (2)Adorable REW (Red Eyed Whites) from Rocking A Ranch

Norton, OH
Rocking A Ranch

Breeds:Californian, California/New Zealand cross, Lionhead.
More detail:We raise rabbits for meat or pet purposes. Our meat rabbits are pasture-raised in colony style, meaning they have access to fresh grass (and/or hay depending on the season) and have a large enclosure to roam around in, dig in, and live as naturally as possible.
Email:therockingaranch @ gmail. com
Phone:(330) 730 - 6796
Website:Rocking A Ranch

Painsville OH
Perry's Rabbits

Breeds:Californian rabbits
Contact:stevepink79 @ gmail . com

Ravenna, OH
Bunnytails Rabbitry

Breeds:New Zealand White,
More detail:These are pure New Zealand White Rabbits and we have mothers and father on site.
Contact:bunnytailsravenna @ gmail. com

Just hoppin' along, thumpin'my song, in Leafy Nook winter wonderland.

Shreve, OH
Leafy Nook Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
Pearl or Diane
Email:leafynooknd @ gmail. com

Text: 330-275-6510
Website: Leafy Nook Rabbitry
Breed/Color/Age/Size:Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop.Black Otter, Cream, Orange, Tri, and Broken ofevery variety.1 1/2 to 4 pounds
More Detail: Welcome to our small, backyard, happy and hopping little rabbitry. Our bunnies are gently handled, fed quality feed, unlimited fresh water, and treats on occasion. Our goal has been to gradually improve the colors of our herd for more variety in our small rabbitry, and we are aiming to get our rabbits as close to the breed's standard of perfection as possible. : These rabbits are loved, fun, friendly andlovable. Would do good as pet or brood rabbits. We providetransition feed, a care sheet, bunny language sheet, and pedigree.Any bunnies for sale will be listed on our website. All bunnies with pedigreed parents come with full pedigrees. The price range of our bunnies is generally $50 - $300. Visit our website often to find out what's hoppening around the rabbitry! The rabbitry is owned by Pearl Bauman, youth rabbit breeder, and was established in 2019.
7/22/2022(Updated 12/7/2023)

St. Louisville, OH
More detail: Due to our very small herd, we only have a handful of babies available throughout the year, but our website is always here for those who are interested!
Contact:bykids.foryou @ gmail. com

Toledo, OH
Mac's Rabbitry

Breeds:New Zealand Whites andCalifornian.
More detail: We are a clean Rabbitry and our rabbits are clean and healthy. We have rabbits for sale every week of the year. If you need just one bunny, or many, we can help.
Contact:macent123 @ yahoo. com
Phone: (419) 266 - 1826
8/10/2021 (Updated 4/4/2022)

Wauseon, OH
Jackie's Rabbits

Breeds:Steel rabbits.
Email:jkbaggett430 @ gmail. com
Phone: (567) 454 - 7581

Weston, OH
Pride of Furries

Breeds:Angora,Lionhead (purebred, but no pedigree/papers) and mixes.
Email:kawaii.prbyuriel @ gmail. com
Phone: (315) 729 - 5523

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Rabbit raisers are a very good bunch, most of the time. We've heard of no problems with any rabbitries we've listed, but just the same, we ask that the buyer beware.

We have not visited the rabbitries listed. Do your research, keep your eyes open, and get yourself healthy rabbits:

Rabbits for Sale in OH. Ohio Rabbit Breeders (6)Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!

  • Ask if the breeder has had problems with buck teeth.Look in the rabbit's mouth - the top rabbit teethshould overlap the bottom teeth.
  • Ask if any genetic problems lurk in the herd. Buyingmeat rabbits? Ask about yellow fat. Certain breeds and lines within breedshave have their own various genetic problems - ask.
  • Listen inside the rabbitry - If you hear *any* sneezing or see*any* white snot, you may wish to leave without rabbits. Snotty mats onforearms, wet or dry, means a sick rabbit - don't buy. A damp nose (except on very hotdays) might (but doesn't always) mean trouble - be cautious.
  • Turn the rabbit (or bunny) over to ensure the bottom isclean (no diarrhea).(Remnants of a mild bunny diarrhea between 4 - 9 weeks old that haspassed is not a problem.)
  • Buy at your own risk, and let us know of any problems.Thanks!

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Rabbits for Sale in OH. Ohio Rabbit Breeders (2024)
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