These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (2024)

Have you been considering adopting a new furry pal? With dog-friendly coffee shops, bakeries, bars and parks, Cincinnati is a great place to be a pet owner. While there are many good boys and girls looking for their forever home, there's a lot to think about when making the decision to bring home a pet. What kind of breed is right for you and your lifestyle? What adoption agencies should you look at? If you're serious about making this life step, adopting a pet is very rewarding — for you and the pet that gets a new home.We've compiled a list of available pets from a few local adoption programs to help you on your mission of finding the pet that's right for you. This is just a small glimpse into each agency's list of adoptable pets. If you are interested in seeing what else they have to offer, visit their websites listed below. Also, keep in mind that each program has their own application process and some take longer than others.HART Animal Rescue|[emailprotected],rescueahart.orgLouie's Legacy|513-655-8643,louieslegacy.orgOhio Alleycat Resource| 513-871-0185,ohioalleycat.orgRecycled Doggies|513-275-5842,recycleddoggies.comSave The Animals Foundation|513-561-7823,staf.orgSPCA Cincinnati| 513-541-6100,spcacincinnati.orgStray Animal Adoption Program| 859-391-1234,adoptastray.comIf you'd like to help out the cause but aren't able to adopt right now, you can always donate to one of these rescues or a number of other local pet adoption organizations.*Some pets in the slideshow may have pending adoptions. Please contact the rescues for more info.**All caption information taken from pet listing.


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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (1)


Age: 6 Years Old / Breed: Pit Bull Mix / Sex: Male / Rescue: SAAP
”Oh, hey. Kane here. I guess you're here to get to know me. Well, I'm a pretty chill dude at my young age and I really respect the little things in life. There is nothing better than chilling at home with my human, but I guess I may have a unique perspective on that. You see, before I met my foster mom, I had cancer. The doctors got it all, and have given me a great diagnosis, but they called it a mast cell tumor. I don't really know what that means, but it has made me really slow down and appreciate life. One thing that I don't like is all of these other nosy animals that try to get in my space while I'm trying to just be me, ya know? I really prefer that it just be me and my humans(so no other dogs or cats in the home please). I LOVE going for walks. I get so excited when a foster mom gets out the leash. I'm a great walker on the leash too. I love to stop and smell the roses - so no tugging and pulling from me! I know I always look really serious (that is just the way God made me) but I really do love my person deeply and I do a little jig every time they come back home from work! I also love to just curl up on the couch with my human and watch whatever their favorite episode is on tv - does not matter to me as long as we are together!Let me know if you want to chill on the couch and appreciate life together. There is a thing called an application you can fill out for me at www.adoptastray.comPS. I am also crate and house trained!”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (2)


Age: 10 Weeks Old / Breed: German Shepherd Dog/Mountain Cur Mix / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Introducing Bonnie & Clyde, 10-week old German Shepherd/Mountain Cur mixes guaranteed to steal your heart! Clyde is 7-lbs of playful personality! He loves to chase his stuffed toys and then snuggle up next to his foster mom for rubs. The only thing that moves faster than his tail is his foot during belly and ear scratches. Clyde is fostered with his sister, Bonnie and dogs of all sizes. Are you ready to let Clyde run away with your heart? Apply today! His adoption fee is $400.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (3)


Age: 9 Months Old / Breed: Norwegian Elkhound / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Hello!! My name is Griff, but my foster mom likes to joke around by calling me Grifford. I am a 9 month old Norwegian Elkhound searching for my forever family. I currently weigh about 30lbs and I will more than likely grow to be a medium size dog. Life hasn't always been perfect for me. I was rescued from a tough situation so I am a little scared of new people, but with time and patience I will come to be your best friend! I am currently fostered in a home with two dogs, one who is a medium size female and one who is an extra large male. I love playing and cuddling with the both of them. I am also fostered with a cat, but I prefer to avoid him, he just seems sketchy. And to top it off, I live with a nine year old boy and a teenage girl. While I am still a little timid, I am slowly warming up to them and enjoy giving them kisses. As my foster mom says I just need to be shown love. Would you want to be my new family? If so, please apply! My adoption fee is $400.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (4)


Age: 3 Months Old / Breed: Domestic Long Hair / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Hi I'm Alder! I am part of the Tree litter and we are 3 months old! I'm the most hyper of my litter - I love to play with my littermates and anything that I think is a toy! I also can be a love nipper - I'm not trying to hurt you, I just want you to know that I want you to pet me! I won't draw blood but my teeth are sharp! I also love to fall asleep in your lap and rub against your face. I've never met dogs but I love to antagonize other cats! I'm a handful but full of love! The adoption fee for one kitten is $75, or $110 for two kittens.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (5)


Age: 10 Years Old / Breed: Terrier, Jack Russell / Sex: Male / Rescue: SAAP
”Hi my name is Jones. I am a senior Jack Russell, Boston Terrier Mix. I love my people however little kids make me nervous so no children in my house please. When company comes in I should be crated until everyone is settled and re-crated when company is leaving because I get excited.I get along with both male and female fur buddies most of the time but I am selfish and like my adult humans best. I love to give kisses.I love to play with toys, in fact I admit that I am a hoarder with my toys and antlers and nylabones.I am crate trained and eat my breakfast and dinner in my crate.Long walks are not for me because I have an old shoulder injury and also had an ACL surgery recently so the backyard is good with me. I can climb steps too.My foster mom has me trim and fit now so that my shoulder and knees do not bother me as much and I love to sleep with you or in a dog bed near you.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (6)


Age: 6 Years Old / Breed: Rottweiler / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Crowley is a big boy weighing in at around 90 lbs. He is a 6 years old Rottweiler mix. Crowley knows his basic commands (plus a few tricks) but he sometimes forgets when he's excited. Because Crowley is such a high energy big guy, he will need firm boundaries. He loves going on walks, playing with other dogs, playing fetch, and chewing on bones. Crowley is suspicious of strangers and needs proper introductions when meeting new people. He is a sweet goofy boy that loves to snuggle after playing hard. Crowley would do best in a home with no children. His adoption fee is $25.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (7)


Age: 5 Years Old / Breed: German Shepherd / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”This handsome, goofy man is Alabaster. He’s a 5-year-old German Shepherd with plenty of energy left in his 70-pound body. Al was in need of some TLC when he arrived, so we’ve spent the last few months making sure he’s healthy and ready for a new life - and boy is he ready! We aren’t sure if Al is 100% Shepherd, but his personality definitely is! He’s a smart, vocal guy who aims to please. He’d much rather stay by your side than do his own thing—unless staying by your side means lounging around the house all day. Don’t get us wrong, Al enjoys a good nap, but only after he’s been out and about, seeing new places, meeting new people and learning new tricks. He’s a true working dog who isn’t happy unless he has something to do. He’s so smart, sometimes his own thoughts can drive him a little nutty if he goes too long without an outlet for his energy.Al is fostered with dogs of all sizes and cats. He does best with other large, active dogs who tolerate his energy. He’s friendly, but inquisitive of the cats and thinks it’s a game if they run. He tends to forget his size when he gets excited, so he’d do best without little pets or small children who could easily get underfoot or knocked over. Al would really love an active adopter who’s experienced with working dogs and able to give him the close human companionship he needs. If you’re looking for a loyal adventure buddy, then look no further because Al is ready to pack his bags and say hello to the life he’s always deserved! Al's adoption fee is $250.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (8)


Age: 10 Weeks Old / Breed: Coonhound / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Looking for a couch hound? Bodhi is your guy! This 5.5 year old coonhound is such a lover boy with long ears and wet kisses. He loves all people and all dogs. He’ll play with his foster fur siblings for hours, but he enjoys nothing more than laying on the couch, getting lovings from his humans - even kids! Bodhi is a pretty mellow guy of medium size at about 50lbs that goes with the flow. He is fully house trained and mostly crate trained. For a hound, he’s surprisingly quiet and really only displays his beautiful bay when he smells critters nearby. Since he is a hound, he does have a tendency to follow his nose, and therefore would do best with a fenced yard. This droopy boy is bound to perk you right up. Bodhi's adoption fee is $250.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (9)

Pepper 2.0

Age: 2.5 Months Old / Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”These precious kittens are 2 1/2 months old. They are litter box trained and take advantage of scratch pads. The little babes have been fostered with other adult cats and quickly made friends. They have not been around other dogs since they were 6 weeks old. These energetic kittens are full of life and energy. Their favorite way to spend the day is greeting you with tiny meows, running around and playing like crazy with their siblings and toys, then cuddling on your lap for a nap and repeating it all over again until bedtime. They are curious, sweet, brave and sure to bring joy and love to homes of all ages! The adoption fee for one kitten is $75, or you can adopt two for $110.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (10)


Age: 4 Months Old / Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Sex: Female / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Claire is a very loving, four month old pit bull mix. She weighs 20 pounds, but could benefit from putting on some more weight. She loves to be right by her people and follow them around. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything! She is working on potty training and doing a great job. She is also learning commands like sit and stay. She likes to sleep in her crate at night but does cry a little at first. Claire's adoption fee is $400.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (11)

Aretha Franklin

Age: 4 Years Old / Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Sex: Female / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Aretha Franklin arrived with her 7 little kittens and was an absolute superstar mom to them all. Now that they've all been adopted, she's ready for her turn in the spotlight! At 4 years old, she's a lazy gal who enjoys the simple things in life. A bowl full of food, a sunbeam to nap in and plenty of human attention and she'd call that a perfect day. She enjoys talking to her people and will always let you know when she thinks she's due for some scratches. She's fostered with other cats and dogs and hasn't had too much interaction with them, but has seemed interested in meeting the other cats. She'd do well as the center of attention or possibly with another low-key cat who'd enjoy a bird watching buddy. If you're looking for a sweet, easy going friend to keep you company, then Aretha is the girl for you. Aretha's adoption fee is $75.Kittens are very social by nature, so if there is no other cat in the home, our kittens (under one year of age) are adopted in pairs.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (12)


Age: 4 Months Old / Breed: Mountain Feist / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Hi, my name is Frick, and I'm a 4 month old Mountain Feist who weighs 16 lbs. I am excited to meet you! I love head pats and belly rubs! I'm so eager to cuddle that I'll jump right up on your lap! My favorite toys are my rope and my stuffed animal, which I like to chew on. I am quiet and timid around new people, but once I know you, I'm excited and loving. I love to be outdoors and lay in the grass. My favorite treats are milk bones and peanut butter. I do great in my crate and only fuss for a few seconds before settling down. I'm still learning to consistently go outside for the bathroom, but I'm improving! Once we bond, I will follow you always and forever. My adoption fee is $400.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (13)


Age: 8 Weeks Old / Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Meet the Rap Pack! These five, eight week old kittens are full of spunk and personality. They all love to play and snuggle with one another. They are constantly running and chasing each other for hours on end! These kittens will definitely do best in a home with another cat or kitten, as they love to play with one another and chase around their toy balls together. They are currently eating dry food, are litter box trained and have their claws. The adoption fee for one kitten is $75, or you can adopt two for $110.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (14)


Age: 12 Weeks Old / Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Sex: Female / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Everyone meet, Sprout, Bloom and Petal. These sweet girls are 12 weeks old and weigh about 3.5 pounds. They love wet kitten food, crinkle toys, tunnels, and pouncing on each other. Petal loves to be near her human, she purrs as soon as you walk into the room. Petal loves to play with other kitties but is also good at keeping herself entertained. She is often seen carrying her favorite toy in her mouth. These girls are spayed, up to date on their vaccines, litter box trained and ready for a loving home. They are fostered with cats and small/medium sized dogs. Petal's adoption fee is $75, or adopt two kittens for $110.Kittens are very social by nature, so if there is no other cat in the home, our kittens (under one year of age) are adopted in pairs.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (15)


Age: 7 Months Old / Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever / Sex: Male / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Rusty is a 7 month old Lab/pit who is around 30lbs. While shy at first, once he gets to know you he showers you with love. He loves running around outdoors and has a LOT of energy, but also loves to spread out on the couch and take long naps. He doesn't love the crate, but if you lead him to it, he doesn't fuss once inside and should be in the crate if no one's home. Rusty needs a strong leader as an owner, someone patient and confident in dog training. Rusty is house - trained. If he seems like the guy for you, apply today! His adoption fee is $400.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (16)


Age: 1 Years Old / Breed: Mixed Breed / Sex: Female / Rescue: SPCA
”Hi! I'm Bonita and if you can't tell already by my tail, I'm a very happy girl. I'm very well-mannered and one smart cookie; I know how to sit and almost know how to give paw when you ask. Going for walks is the best, and don't let my size fool you - I'm one strong lady. Once I settle down, I walk like a champ. Plus, I love to stop and smell the grass to roll around. I'm a big fan of belly and butt scratches. I can be a little bit of a busy-body; I like to see what others are up to around me and I'm very curious! I'm a playful pup ready to find my furever home. Stop by to meet me - who knows, we could be the perfect fit!”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (17)


Age: 8 Years Old / Breed: Mixed Breed / Sex: Male / Rescue: SPCA
”Meet handsome Becker! This sweetheart might be 8 years old, but he is incredibly playful and full of energy! Becker is truly one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and he is anxiously waiting for his forever family. Becker walks great on a leash and is potty-trained. He loves to roll around in the grass, play with his toys, and sunbathe. He gets along with other dogs, but isn't a big fan of cats. More than anything, Becker just wants to be in the heart of the action with his family and friends. Becker loves to sing and "yodel," so would be best in a home with his own yard, rather than an apartment. Becker is pretty much perfect, all he is missing is you! Come meet him today!”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (18)


Age: 4 Years Old / Breed: Mixed Breed / Sex: Female / Rescue: SPCA
”Hey humans!My name is Jenni, I love walks and to cuddle. If you like to go on walks and cuddle then come meet me! I don't know if I like dogs or cats, and I'm not sure how well I do with kids. If you have dogs or kids make sure you bring them in to see me! My New Years Resolution is to find a forever home, will that be with you? If I sound like the good girl for you then come in and meet me today! See you soon! Jenni”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (19)


Age: 3 Years Old / Breed: Mixed Breed / Sex: Male / Rescue: SPCA
”This is Wesson! This handsome hunk is a 3 year old mix breed who is ready to come home! He is a big boy at 70 pounds, but he is as sweet as can be. He seems to do okay with cats and as well as the other dogs here at the shelter! Make sure to bring any dogs you may have down to meet him too! He will love it! Wesson will be the perfect addition to your family! He loves to play, but loves attention and affection even more! Come meet this good boy and fall in love like we did!”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (20)


Age: 6 Years Old / Breed: Cane Corso Mix / Sex: Female / Rescue: Louie’s Legacy
”Asa is a 6 year old Cane Corso mix. This gorgeous girl weighs in around 100 pounds, but is still needing to put on an additional few pounds. Asa is a big goofy girl who loves to sun bathe and play with squeaky toys. She is looking for an adult only home where she can sit back and relax with her people. She's generally low energy, but enjoys a stroll in the neighborhood or at the park. Asa is both crate and potty trained, although she does well free roaming in the home. She does great with the other dogs in her foster home that match her chill personality.When Asa arrived in rescue, she struggled to sit and lay down comfortably. After a trip to the vet, it was discovered that she has severe arthritis in both of her back hips and knees, as well as spondylosis in her spine. Asa takes two daily pain medications to help manage her arthritis, as well as receiving laser therapy to help alleviate her pain and strengthen her back end. Now that Asa's pain is being managed, she is doing fantastic and loves to run around in the back yard in her foster home! She is able to do steps pretty well but wouldn't mind a home where she does not have to walk up and down a large amount of steps each day.My adoption fee is $250”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (21)


Age: 2 Months Old / Breed: Domestic Shorthair / Sex: Male / Rescue: SAAP
”Archie is sweet, curious and playful. He does not have a shy bone in his body. Full of energy and ready for his forever home.Archie is a Domestic Shorthair mix kitten. He is neutered, microchipped, utd on shots, and available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting Archie or any of our adoptable animals, please visit our website at today to start the application process.”
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These 25 Adoptable Cincinnati Pets Are Looking For Loving Homes (2024)
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