Cta Bus 80 Tracker (2024)

1. Select Direction - CTA Bus Tracker

  • Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker. Selected Feed: All; Selected Route: 80. Step 2. Choose your direction of travel: Eastbound · Westbound.

  • Copyright 2024 Chicago Transit Authority Contact Us

2. 80 Irving Park (Bus Route Info) - CTA - Chicago Transit Authority

  • CTA Bus Tracker(Opens in a new window) · CTA Train ... First and last buses reach mid-route ... See latest schedules at transitchicago.com. RSS Feed: #80 Irving ...

3. Irving Park & Western (Westbound) - ETA - CTA Bus Tracker

  • Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker. Currently: 10:29 AM 77°F. Selected Feed: All; Selected Route: 80; Selected Direction: Westbound; Selected Stop: Irving Park ...

  • Currently: 6:22 AM  69°F

4. CTA bus 80 - Chicago - Transit App

5. [PDF] Monday thru Friday #80 Irving Park - Chicago Transit Authority

  • All CTA buses are accessible. For accessibility help or to report concerns at stops, contact CTA. Customer Service at transitchicago.com/feedback. Schedules and ...

6. Bus Tracker - City of Chicago

  • CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our CTA servers. We can then, in real time, show you where buses are on a ...

  • CTA Bus Tracker

7. 80 Bus Route - CTA - Chicagoland Transit

  • Learn more about CTA route 80 and view realtime data.

  • ‹ Ý]moÛ8¶þ+ã¢I±‘Õ$Ù&ñ¢¯³Åm;E›Ùâb0h‰¶UK¢‡¢âºwïßCR²%’é˜ñöKbIÉG‡‡‡çðM—?¼úõåõÿ||f¼ÈG—â/Êq9½2úíó nœŽ.yÆs2úù zQWè­9Azyý\üe žRH•¢k†Ë*㗱Â_„c”Ì0«¿Ô|ý

8. Irving Park Rd & Linder Ave (5725) - CTA - Chicagoland Transit

  • ... 80 · Google map overview of Irving Park Rd & Linder Ave Stop. Stop Realtime Info. Retrieving Departure Updates... External Links. CTA Bus Tracker. Near By Stops.

  • ‹ Å]gsÛ:ºþ+\Í=q2k5•Äò5˲z±lyg'‘E‰Í,jwï¿ I+zÅcÌ~ˆC àÁÛ ‚àÍ?*òpÜ­r3ÏÐooè_NG¦Zˆa3þ8ˆ‘$Œ”ÛOót|[w–š©r]ä,¸¾Â}ᚚ©`‡+.1÷UÊòÒ7.Ε‡Eúw¦ÉHµH] 7téjÞM2¬åÆÀâär\ìb¾7çbQª‰\¸¢-𑊯8Ù2=lz…«j›4çjW6JM-]·V×´ëXX8æXËsI…ºf.8녘;³Oö=N#%cœ·±I>Í I’ãfžbÉ)ZÒ š–üóò3ϳÝïɤuÝT¼°ã ËQO+?ô6¶ÔðÊ&

9. Routes, Schedules and Maps | Pace Suburban Bus

  • 223 - Elk Grove – Rosemont CTA Station · 225 - Central – Howard · 226 ... 423 - Linden CTA – The Glen – Harlem CTA ... Bus Tracker · Trip Planner · Pulse Rapid ...

  • Image

10. Real-Time Bus Tracker - Milwaukee County Transit System

  • The Real-Time Bus Tracker makes riding the bus easy & convenient so riders spend less time waiting & more time enjoying.

11. Bus Route Tracker - CTA Bus - Chicago Transit Forum

  • 29 jan 2016 · A number of FG routes have a -451 vehicle (76, 77, 80, 81, 84, 85). The only exception in 84 which has three vehicles at present 84 -407, 84 - ...

  • I would like to officially announce the release of the CTA Bus Route tracker. I originally created this this summer for tracking the assignments of new buses as they made their first runs; however, it is also useful for tracking retirements and other purposes. Please let me know what you think; s...

12. Cta bus tracker estimated - One X Offroad Wohntrailer

  • ... Route: 9 Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker Selected Feed: All Selected Route: 80 Step 2 Choose your direction of travel: Eastbound Westbound Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker ...

  • 404

13. Buses Shorturning - CTA Bus - Chicago Transit Forum

  • 3 okt 2007 · 80 X80 at Blue Line. 85 at Jeff Park back ... 22s to Jackson are common now during the AM rush for three-track. ... CTA needs to move the bus stop ...

  • has anyone seen any buses shorturn?

14. 80 CTA Bus Schedule, Stop Times & Route Map - RideSchedules

  • Stop Times CTA 80 Bus · CTA Bus Tracker · Select Your Stop 80 Irving Park · Stop Map.

  • CTA 80 Irving Park Bus Transit Schedule. Times, near me, route map, planner, predictions for 80 Irving Park Bus by CTA. Eastbound, Westbound, Saturday, Sunday.

Cta Bus 80 Tracker (2024)


How does CTA track buses? ›

CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our CTA servers.

How do I contact the CTA in Chicago? ›

1-888-YOUR CTA (1-888-968-7282)

Visit TransitChicago.com to: View general and accessibility information. Current projects and programs. Sign up for alerts regarding bus, train or elevator information.

How much is the bus fare in Chicago? ›

Each full CTA fare is $2.25 (for bus) and $2.50 (for rail), but there are ways to lessen the cost if you purchase a Ventra card or Ventra ticket (more on that below). Transfers are always free, so long as it's not for more than two additional L lines or bus routes, or lasting more than two hours.

Can I use cash on a CTA bus? ›

Cash can be used directly on buses and can be used at all Ventra vending machines to add value or passes to Ventra Cards or to buy disposable Ventra Tickets. You can also use cash to load value or passes at more than 1,000 Ventra retailers. See the above chart for fare information.

Why do CTA bus stops beep? ›

Bus shelter features

The push button is located inside the shelter, typically on the left front pole when facing the street, at a height of 42 inches above the ground—it also chirps occasionally letting riders who are blind or who have limited vision know that the shelter is equipped with arrival information.

Do CTA bus drivers have to live in Chicago? ›

Do I have to live in Chicago to work for CTA? Exempt (non-bargained for) employees must live within the boundaries of the CTA Statutory Service Area and Map either at the time of employment or within 6 months of beginning employment at CTA. Non-exempt (bargained for) employees do not have this requirement.

Can I use my phone for the CTA? ›

You can quickly pay for rides on CTA and Pace with Ventra Card on Google Pay. Simply 'wake up' your Android device and then tap-and-go to pay for rides using transit value and passes. No need to carry a card, open an app or unlock your phone — it's that easy!

Is Chicago CTA 24 hours? ›

Hours of service

Red Line and Blue Line train service operates at all times (24 hours per day, every day) as well as several bus routes.

Why did CTA charge me $5? ›

Note that your credit or debit card may be authorized for $5 when you first touch it to a fare reader, even though the actual fare is less. This is a temporary pre-authorization, and you'll only be charged the actual fare once it's reconciled in your payment account (this usually happens after about a day).

Can I use my debit card on CTA? ›

You don't even have to use a card issued by us.

If you have a credit or debit card with the contactless payment symbol ( ), you can pay-as-you-go by touching your card to a reader or even create a Ventra Transit Account on that card, and load value and passes onto that.

How do I text the TTC bus? ›

To receive arrival times for the next TTC vehicles (up to 6), just text the multi-digit stop number to 898882 (TXTTTC). To receive arrival times for one specific route, text the multi-digit stop number, a space, then the route number to 898882 (TXTTTC).

How do you text train? ›

Train Tracking
  1. TR <space> Train no. or TR <space> Train Code (*not case sensitive)
  2. Send to 16318.
  3. The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  4. SMS charge BDT 5.56 (All Inclusive)
  5. Example: Type TR 701 and send it to 16318.

What app to use for CTA? ›

Use transit in and around all of Chicago: It's easy to manage and pay your fare on CTA, Metra and Pace buses and trains with the Ventra app. Find all the features you're used to on the Ventra website and more, including mobile ticketing for Metra trains!

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